BiblioBouts Project

The BiblioBouts Project was funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Studies. Researchers at the School of Information (SI) of the University of Michigan (U-M) partnered with the Center for History and New Media (CHNM) at George Mason University to conduct the BiblioBouts Project, a 4-year project (October 1, 2008 to September 30, 2012), to study computers games for solving the problem of teaching undergraduate students information literacy skills and concepts. The Michigan research team designed, developed, and deployed BiblioBouts, an online social game that covertly teaches students how to do library research while they go about the business of completing a research-and-writing assignment. We partnered with instructors and librarians to deploy BiblioBouts in both academic and information literacy courses and use evaluation results to improve the game. BiblioBouts is funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Studies (IMLS). Please message us at for more information.

Funding for BiblioBouts ended on September 30, 2012. Thus we are no longer able to support requests for new games. If you are currently a game owner, you will be able to access all data, statistics, and evaluation reports for ongoing and completed games for some time to come, but you will be unable to create new games. We regret that we are not able grant game-owner status to new requesters. The demo BiblioBouts game will be available for the foreseeable future. (Note: The demo game is not working due to incompability problems with Zotero. Instead, consult section 14, "Step 12," on pages 12 to 24 of Interim report #5 for a description of game play.) If you have questions, please contact us at Thanks to all who have contributed to the success of the BiblioBouts Project!

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